CowCow. Oil on canvas


The Gargoyles of BlackwoodThe Gargoyles of Blackwood. Illustration from Orpheus on the Underground by Rhys Hughes


Beastley thingsBeastley things


Under the sinkA new discovery


Around the cornerAround the corner




Out of the darknessOut from the darkness


When the ships cameWhen the ships came. Edward and Bindle


AirshipThe Airship. Edward and Bindle


The new play thing'The new play thing' oil on canvas


Albert ClayAlbert Clay


My Teddy with TanksDouble page spread from 'My Teddy has eaten the cat'


My TeddyDetail from 'My Teddy has eaten the cat'


Snail eating couaThe Snail-eating-Coua (Ghost of Gone Birds Swansea exhibition 2013)


Useless giftThe Useless Gift




The Just not so storiesBook cover for 'The Just Not So Stories' by Rhys Hughes


Beard FearBeard Fear


Breaking throughBreaking through


Two Sailors narrowly escapeTwo sailors narrowly escape a terrible fate


Sailors DelightSailors Delight


Edgar MerkinDr. Edgar Mekin


Anthea MerkinAnthea Merkin


Conrad MerkinConrad Merkin


Lily MerkinLily Merkin

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